Celebrating 20 Years of Cransley Hospice!

1998: European countries adopted the Euro, Google was founded and Titanic swept the board at the Oscars – but did you also know that the current Cransley Hospice opened it’s doors for the first time during this monumental year?

November 2018

We started welcoming patients into the Hospice, on the ground floor of Sunley Court, from 20th November 1998. Until then Dr John Smith had been caring for patients in a ward at St Mary’s Hospital in Kettering. The ward was called Cransley (hence our name) and was then a ‘care of the elderly’ ward but John managed to ‘appropriate’ some beds starting from the early 1990s to provide end-of-life care for patients.

After many years of dedicated fundraising by a small NHS Charity team, Cransley Hospice Trust, an independent charity, was created in 2012 and started fundraising shortly afterwards.

2018 marks our 20th Anniversary year and with an ambitious £1.4 million target, we are incredibly grateful to the local people within our community for helping us to continue to thrive.

But we need your help to make this very special year the biggest ever success! Donations of any amount are gratefully received, with every penny enabling us to continue to provide outstanding care for our patients, both in our in-patient unit, as well as in the comfort of their own homes via our Hospice at Home service.

With your support, we hope to expand and improve our services to ensure that our community is cared for at the end of their lives for the next 20-years and beyond!