There are many common misconceptions regarding what a hospice does, when hospice care is appropriate, what it can offer and how it can help people with life limiting illness. The following statements may help to dispel some common misconceptions about the work of Cransley Hospice.


There are currently no visitor restrictions at Cransley Hospice, however we do recommend that where possible and depending on the health of the patient that visitor numbers are kept to between 2-4 people and within the hours or 8 am and 8 pm. 

We ask that all visitors wear a facemask unless they are exempt from doing so, and not to visit if they have any symptoms of Covid or other infectious illness.

It provides care to patients where they choose to be. This may be in the patient's own home, outpatients, or within the hospice inpatient unit.

The average length of stay for patients coming into Cransley Hospice is 13 days

We provide care for people with a wide range of life limiting illnesses including Motor Neurone disease, Heart Failure, Parkinson’s disease and Dementia

We care for anyone aged 18 years and over

It can also be happy place filled with the sounds of talking and laughter

Family, friends, the family dog – everyone is welcomed at Cransley Hospice

Thanks to our supporters for making this possible

Each year to provide our inpatient and community based services