There are many common misconceptions regarding what a hospice does, when hospice care is appropriate, what it can offer and how it can help people with life limiting illness. The following statements may help to dispel some common misconceptions about the work of Cransley Hospice.

Visiting Update 28/09/2021

For the most recent guidance and information regarding visiting Cransley Hospice please read the attached information. Cransley Hospice Visitor information Sept 2021

Following the recent lifting of national Covid-19 restrictions from 19th July 2021, the hospice visiting instructions will remain in line with the update from 1st May 2021. The hospice asks that patients and visitors respect these guidelines when visiting inpatient settings. The team are following guidance set out by Northamptonshire Healthcare Foundation Trust. They are in place to reduce the risk of transmission to patients, visitors and staff.

As from 1st May 2021, Cransley Hospice will now allow all patients to receive a visitor.  All visits must be booked with the clinical teams, and a time will be allocated for visitors to arrive.  The main changes are listed below:

Instructions to visitors:

  • Visiting is restricted to one visitor only due to a significant number of our patients and some visitors being in the highly vulnerable category (unless the visitor requires assistance themselves or is accompanying a child or young person at the discretion of the senior nurse on duty)
  • Where the patient or family would find benefit, the once a day visiting can be rotated between 2 people.  Therefore, this allows one person to visit one day and the second person to visit the following.  Please limit the visiting to the same two people so as to limit the potential risks associated with multiple visitors.
  • Visiting is allowed by appointment only between 10.00 and 13.00 and between 15.00 and 20.00.  The period between 13.00 and 15.00 allows for protected quiet time for our patients
  • All visits must be booked through the Ward Administrators or Nurse in Charge.
  • For Cransley Hospice, call 01536 452017
  • If a visitor is physically or emotionally frail, please speak to the nurse in charge and we will consider you being supported by a 2nd
  • Visitors will be required to provide their details for track and trace purposes
  • Visitors must not arrive unannounced as visiting will be via an appointment system only
  • Visitors are advised that they must isolate for a period of no less than 10 days should they have tested positive with COVID
  • Visitors who have returned from countries where quarantine restrictions are required, must not visit the ward until the full quarantine period has been completed
  • Visitors are advised to be cautious if they are deemed to be in the vulnerable or shielded group as per national guidance 
  • Visitors should avoid the use of public transport if possible
  • The frequency of visiting is a maximum of once per day
  • Any entry via the ward requires correct handwashing on entry and leaving 
  • The minimum PPE required is a face mask, on occasions this may require the addition of an apron and gloves.  
  • The visitor will be escorted to the appropriate place for the visit, and must not walk around the unit to minimise the risk of contact with other patients, visitors and staff
  • Social distancing of maintaining 2 metres distance must be maintained
  • Young children or grandchildren can visit, but this must be specifically requested at the time of booking the appointment.  If a child or grandchild is visiting they must be accompanied by one adult.  There must not be more than 2 visitors with a patient at any one time; Children over the age of 11 will be required to wear a face mask
  • Visitors are not able to stay in either Hospice and there are no catering facilities available at this time

Visitors MUST contact the Hospice and arrange a suitable time for their visit to commence.  Please do not turn up unannounced.  Visitors will be asked the following:

  • The visitor must not have displayed any COVID 19 symptoms in the last 14 days
  • Whether the visitor is willing to share a result from a recent COVID test (either the Lateral Flow or PCR test), please note this is purely to assist with the wards risk assessment
  • Where possible visitors will be encouraged not to use public transport to get to the Hospice
  • Visitors are reminded that they should continue support a cautious approach to contact with others outside of their home bubble during any period of visiting arrangement to the Hospice
  • Visitors should use caution when visiting if they themselves are deemed to be in the vulnerable or shielded groups as per national guidance
  • Visitors must follow expert national guidance on social distancing whilst on the ward
  • Visitors will be required to wear appropriate PPE, the minimum will be a surgical mask provided by the ward.
  • Visitors should wash hands regularly as well as before and after donning PPE

Supporting visits at end of life

Where the clinical team has identified that a patient is potentially nearing the end of their life, we are conscious this is an important time for patients and visitors alike to spend some valuable time together.  Unfortunately, we cannot return to completely open visiting due to the potential risks, but we will consider additional visiting allowances as explained below:

  • A maximum of 2 visitors are allowed in the room at the same time, social distancing must be maintained, and appropriate PPE must be worn at all times. 
  • Visitors are recommended not to stay for longer than 4 hours; this allows visitors an opportunity to ensure they can head outside the Hospice to obtain food and drink and change their PPE

Where the patient or Next of Kin identifies how it would benefit the patient, the clinical team can consider accommodating up to 4 visitors.  There must only be a maximum of 2 visitors with the patient at any one time.  Visitors are therefore able to rotate visiting with 2 in the room and 2 outside the building.  We must ask that this is coordinated by a member of the family.  It is important to remember there should be no more than 2 visitors at any one time in the room with the patient.

Please note that visiting guidance is subject to change with very little notice which is dependent on government guidance, national or local lockdowns or infection control guidance.  We ask for your support and assistance should our visiting rules need to change.

It provides care to patients where they choose to be. This may be in the patient's own home, outpatients, or within the hospice inpatient unit.

The average length of stay for patients coming into Cransley Hospice is 13 days

We provide care for people with a wide range of life limiting illnesses including Motor Neurone disease, Heart Failure, Parkinson’s disease and Dementia

We care for anyone aged 18 years and over

It can also be happy place filled with the sounds of talking and laughter

Family, friends, the family dog – everyone is welcomed at Cransley Hospice

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