Gift Aid

The benefits of Gift Aid are that as a charity, we can receive 25% more from your donation at no additional cost to you or to us.

The Gift Aid scheme is for gifts of money by individuals who pay UK tax. Gift Aid donations are regarded as having basic rate tax deducted by the donor. Charities take your donation - which is money you've already paid tax on - and reclaim the basic rate tax from HM Revenue & Customs(HMRC) on its 'gross' equivalent - the amount before basic rate tax was deducted. Basic rate tax is 20per cent, so this means that if you give £10 using Gift Aid, it’s worth £12.50 to the charity.

If you are not a UK tax payer we cannot claim gift aid on your donation.

How do I gift Aid?

Simply fill in the gift aid form with your full name and address that must include the postcode, signature and amount donated.

Inland Revenue requires these details and charities are required to adhere to the Data Protection Act by not passing on your details without your permission.

There are certain rules that we must adhere to that enable us to re-claim the tax on your donation

Please see below;

  • The donation must be made by an individual
  • The person making the donation must complete and sign a gift aid form
  • Goods donated such as in our retail shop are separate to the Charity Gift Aid and therefore require a separate form which can be completed with our staff in the shop
  • Donations made on behalf of other people cannot be gift aided unless a valid gift aid form has been completed by that person