In the hospice

The Inpatient Ward

The inpatient ward at Cransley Hospice has 9 beds and is supported by a team of Nurses, Doctors and other Health Care Professionals who are experts in palliative care – caring for someone who is no longer able to have a treatment to cure them.

At Cransley Hospice we specialise in helping you and your loved ones to get on top of difficult symptoms, deal with any physical pain and reduce emotional distress.

Moment by moment support, and fantastic care of my husband.

Such needs can occur at various stages of an illness, and a short-stay admission in the hospice can often help, enabling patients to go home with an improved quality of life.

The inpatient unit also offers expert care and support for patients at the end of life as well as support for family and friends.

The team of Doctors, Nurses and other Hospice staff promote dignity and individual choice and strive to improve the care experience.

Everyone is helpful and caring. Lovely to come in and see my brother so comfortable at this difficult time.

At Cransley Hospice, we offer a mixture of single rooms and shared bedroom areas. There is a comfortable lounge for patients and families to spend time together and a garden situated at the rear of the hospice which provides a calm and peaceful area for patients and families to sit.

Please note that the hospice has a daily quiet time between 1pm and 3pm where we ask that patients do not receive visitors unless the patient is imminently dying or for other exceptional circumstances.

For practical advice and information about being admitted to Cransley Hospice please follow link.

Please follow the link for more information about how you are cared for in the Hospice.


There are currently no visitor restrictions at Cransley Hospice, however we do recommend that where possible and depending on the health of the patient that visitor numbers are kept to between 2-4 people and within the hours or 8 am and 8 pm.

We ask that all visitors wear a facemask unless they are exempt from doing so, and not to visit if they have any symptoms of Covid or other infectious illness.


All patient appointments at the Hospice are planned and appropriate information is provided either verbally or by letter prior to the patient attending.  Under no circumstances should patients attend for an appointment unannounced.  When attending appointments, all patients and anyone supporting the patient will be required to wear a face mask.

The Lymphoedema Service

Cransley Hospice Trust and Cynthia Spencer Hospice Trust both provide funding for specialist nurses working in the countywide Lymphoedema Service which is based at Cynthia Spencer Hospice.

This service is provided in a specially adapted outpatient setting for patients with Lymphoedema which is a result of cancer and/or its treatment. The aim of the treatment is to reduce as much as possible the swelling and symptoms of lymphoedema thereby helping patients to live as normal a life as possible.

My mother was treated so kindly by the staff and we (my sister and myself), were given so much help and information regarding her condition, we can't thank you enough!

Lymphoedema is a swelling in the tissues which happens when lymph fluid cannot drain away. The swelling can affect arms, legs, body, or head and may cause heaviness, pain, tightness, loss of function, dry/hardened skin and make the patient more susceptible to episodes of inflammation and soreness. The Lymphoedema Specialist Nurses have undertaken additional training to help patients to reduce the impact of this condition on their everyday lives.

I am delighted with the treatment and the care and advice given by the staff, I always feel that every patient is incredibly important to them.