Love Beyond Time: Darren and Sharon’s Hospice Wedding

“It was a happy moment in the midst of despair.”

My husband Darren was diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer in 2018. We lived in a flat on the first floor and it became incredibly difficult for him to breathe properly due to his condition.”

“Before Darren went to the hospice, I had packed in my job to take care of him. At times, it felt like I was more his nurse than his partner, which was hard.”

“Things progressed quite quickly. Darren loved being outdoors, just to have fresh air and enjoy the sights and sounds around him, but this became difficult with him unable to move around like he used to, and so it wasn’t long before he was admitted to Cransley Hospice. In his room he had access to the garden at all times, so he could get outside more and feel more at peace.”

“It was a weight off the both of our shoulders when he went into the hospice, we got to be partners again and spend quality time together. It felt like a huge sigh of relief.”

“The staff were amazing, I had practically moved in when Darren was admitted. He especially loved one of his nurses, Lorraine. I myself am a nurse and had actually worked at Cransley Hospice a few years ago. Knowing what it is like to be a nurse, you appreciate good care when you see it.”

“All of the family felt so valued and respected during this time too. As much as Darren was their primary focus, it also felt like they provided family centered care, too.”

“One morning I had walked into the hospice, and one of the nurses pulled me to one side and told me that Darren was adamant to marry me, and that this was something they could support us with if I was happy for them to do so. We were engaged to be married at the time, but life had obviously taken a turn when Darren got his diagnosis.”

“Within 4 days, my family and I had pulled together a full white wedding at the hospice. The staff brought us alcohol and let us set up the day room for our ceremony where we had our closest relatives around us. At this point Darren was very unwell, but for this occasion, he found strength. It was the last time that he got up and out of his bed, despite everything, he held it all together. It was such a special day.”

“The staff even made it possible for me to spend the night at the hospice after our ceremony. It was a beautiful, special day and he was so happy.”

“Darren died peacefully. He was holding my hand right until the end.”

“If you could write the end of your story, that’s how peaceful you would want it to be.”

“It’s so special to have his name, even though he is no longer with us, and I’m so grateful to the staff at Cransley Hospice for making that possible.”