Personal stories

This page provides quotes from patients and/or their families about their experience of the services provided by Cransley Hospice.

Inpatient Ward

The hospice staff were beyond amazing. It was like they could read your mind and they knew what we needed as a family even before we did!"

Daughter of Janet Powell, Toni Smith, shares how the Cransley Hospice team were there for her Mum and their whole family when they needed it most.

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You don’t realise until you’re in Cransley, how important it is.

Despite her blindness, Claire got to know all the nurses by their voices and they all took a shine to her, everybody did – she was the best."

These are the words from loving husband and Dad - Mick Massey.


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Lucy Collett and Family are always seeking new ways to fundraise for Cransley Hospice Trust after the family were blown away by the support received when her Mum, Valda was admitted.

“The care Cransley Hospice gave to our family was truly the only shining light of positivity throughout our whole experience. As a family we will be forever grateful and in their debt”.

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On Sunday 26th April 2020, incredible Mum of two, Gemma will be leaping out of her comfort zone to do a sponsored sky dive and raise money for Cransley Hospice in memory of her husband Kyle.  Gemma spoke courageously to us about the incredible care her, her family and her beloved husband, Kyle had received during his final few weeks in the hospice.

Gemma's story of her beloved Kyle   

The care was very individualised and felt tailored just to suits Dad’s needs. My Dad felt that the staff in Cransley were so genuine in their care for his needs and that they/you did it from your hearts. Your care helped dad maintain his dignity and his sense of humour. It was invaluable. Thank you.

Derek and Maria’s Story
I was only 17 when I met Derek and he was 16. We were together for a very long time and married for 42 years.

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Hospice at Home

Cransley gave us all a gift – the chance to enjoy mum in her final weeks. Caring for mum had become very difficult and that stress was completely lifted from us, allowing us to focus on making memories. Shannon proudly shares the story of her beloved Mum, Alison Spence and how Cransley Hospice allowed the family to enjoy their beloved Alison in her final weeks of life.

Shannon's story of her beloved Mum, Alison

One of the ‘Hospice at Home’ nurses was an incredible support to us all. From coming out in the night to sedate mum when she became agitated or upset, to providing our family with advice and comfort as to what would inevitably come as mum stopped treatment, we were very reliant on her support.

I don't know how myself and daughter would have managed without Hospice at Home. They are the most understanding, caring people you could hope to meet. They are very special people. The nurses would talk to my husband as a person not as a number. I cannot put into words what a lovely lot of people you have. When myself or my daughter were upset they would chat to us and listen to our concerns and help us to come to terms with what was happening.

The care provided by you was excellent to my husband. It took away the stress to myself and my family as my husband came to the end of his life. Knowing that you were caring made me feel more confident about what was happening and they treated my husband with the utmost dignity.

The standard of care we received was superb. Every one of the nurses were so kind, caring, and understanding of what we were going through. It was good to have someone to talk to at length about what was happening. Thank you so much.

Good to have this support, it gives me and my wife more knowledge and confidence to deal with my illness. Pain is a big issue and Clinical Nurse Specialist really helps and guides us with this.