Fundraising FAQ’s

If you can't find the answer to your question, please give our fundraising team a call on 01536 452423 or email

We're always happy to help!

Can I have Cransley Hospice Trust branded materials like balloons, posters and collection tubs?

Yes!  You can download our free new fundraising materials from the website.

Please contact our fundraising team on 01536 452423 or email for balloons, collection tubs and other branded materials that you might need.

We are happy to offer advice on how you can promote your fundraising event, and where possible and appropriate, we are happy to share details on our social media channels.   

An online fundraising page is a good way to tell people about what you're doing and setting up your own page couldn't be easier:

  1. Head to JustGiving and create your fundraising page
  2. Personalise your page with photos, and add a message about why you’re fundraising for us
  3. Shout about it! Send your friends, family and colleagues a link to your page, post it on Facebook, tweet it and watch as the messages of support and sponsorship start to come in.

If you are fundraising in memory of a loved one, take a look at our very special Tulip Tribute pages where you can fundraise online, share photos, videos and unforgettable memories.

With a JustGiving page and the Tulip Tribute, you won't have to chase people for money as the funds get sent directly to us from both websites. 

If you would like any help or advice on setting up your page don't hesitate to call the Fundraising team on 01536 452423 or send an email to

A Facebook Fundraiser

To set up a fundraiser on Facebook: 

  1. click on this link
  2. Select the 'Raise Money for a Nonprofit Organisation' button
  3. Search for Cransley Hospice Trust when prompted to select your chosen charity
  4. Upload your own images, post updates and share your fundraiser with friends, family and colleagues

Shout loud and be proud of what you are doing! We have loads of free fundraising marketing bits and bobs that you can download here.

Social media is a great way to share your fundraising page, sharing it with your friends and any relevant community groups or forums. (Don't forget to use the "I'm doing it for Cransley Hospice Trust" Facebook Fundraising frame on your profile) 

You can contact the local papers and put up posters in your local area.

We absolutely love the opportunity to raise awareness of the services provided by the hospice and have a wonderful team of volunteers who speak on behalf of Cransley Hospice Trust. Please let us know where and when by emailing and we will try to make this happen.

Our offices are open Monday - Friday from 08.30 to 16.30. 

Telephone 01536 452423 or email

The fundraising office is open Monday - Friday 08.30 - 16.30.

We’re always happy to help!