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Hospice care isn’t often at the forefront of your mind, but it’s something that should you or your family require it, you always hope will be there when it matters the most. One of the easiest and most essential ways you can support Cransley Hospice Trust is by setting up a regular donation with us.

By supporting Cransley Hospice Trust with a regular donation you are enabling us to plan for the future, safe in the knowledge that our funding is secure. This way we can ensure hospice care is available to people in our community who are desperate for support, like Claire’s beloved father, Bryan and his family.

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It’s thanks to the charitable funding, from supporters making regular donations, that Bryan was able to recieve the support that he needed from the hospice at home team.  They helped him come to terms with his diagnosis and at the end he was able to die, free from pain, with his family around him, with dignity and in comfort.

See how your regular gift could make a difference:

£10 could pay for a group therapy session for a patient in need.

£15 could pay for an hour of Nursing Care Assistant support for an in-patient.

£35 could pay for a memory box to help a child make final memories with someone they love.

£135 could pay for a Hospice at Home nurse for 1 day.

£500 could pay for a patient at the hospice for 24 hours.


 We are extremely grateful for regular donations.

We understand that circumstances can change. You will always be able to cancel your regular donation at any time by contacting our Fundraising Office.


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