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The journey of terminal illness is hard, unlike other health problems it does not get better and there is only one outcome, creating a rollercoaster of emotions for patients and their families.

Care, Compassion and Empathy

At Cransley Hospice Trust, our unwavering dedication is to help provide unparalleled, compassionate care for those facing life-limiting conditions. The hospice takes immense pride in offering not just expert medical care but also meaningful emotional and spiritual support to patients and their families.

But hospice care can be expensive and we need your help. 

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Every moment matters.

"The comfort and safety of patients is my highest priority" - Jamie

Our compassionate team meticulously tends to every need – honouring not only a patient's medical needs but also their social, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Jamie understands the magnitude of facing a terminal illness, and that's why his holistic approach ensures staff stand by patients and their loved ones when they need it most. Together, they create a supportive environment where every step of the journey is embraced with warmth and understanding.

There for you when you need it most.

When the road ahead seems daunting and complex, the Specialist Palliative Care team steps forward, embracing not only the physical struggles but also the social and psychological needs of every patient in their care. Members of the team, like Michelle, work hard to understand and alleviate the burden of symptoms, empowering each individual to find peace and comfort.

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Providing companionship.

We understand that this is a deeply emotional and personal journey. And so, the hospice team take every step with you. Amitha will be there to hold each patient's hand, thanks to your continued support.

Transforming Lives, One Act of Kindness at a Time.

In order to continue delivering specialist care and developing future services to support patients and families, we need your help to reach our target of £250,000. Please support our mission today by making a one off donation.

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