Give the gift of memories

Gift a Memory Box

A memory box can offer support for families, children and young people facing the most difficult of journeys.

The death of someone close affects us deeply, and especially children and young people.  It affects our emotional, spiritual, physical and mental wellbeing, sometimes with major consequences throughout life.

Our specialist palliative care team have carefully developed a selection of resources and materials that can offer some support to families, children, and young people through this emotional and difficult time.

The memory boxes are filled with activities, resources, appropriate literature and a life book which families can use together to create lasting memories and enable children and young people the opportunity and space to talk about their feelings and families to help children prepare for a death of a loved one.

We provide teddy bears and cuddle blankets, which are used with younger children to help them to express feelings and provide them with a sense of security during such an upsetting and changing time.

We anticipate that in 2022 we will distribute around 200 memory boxes and around 100 teddy bears and cuddle blankets.

  • Each memory box when filled, costs around £35 per box.
  • Each bear and cuddle blanket set costs around £12.

To supply these essential items to children and young children throughout the year costs around £8,000.

If you would like to support this incredible resource by gifting a memory box, or a teddy and cuddle blanket to a family at the most devastating of times, please either contact our fundraising team, call 01536 452423 or make a donation online

Memory Box Donation

Give the gift of support and memories to a family at the most difficult of times.