Our services

All our services are provided free of charge for our local community. Our expert team provides care and support in the place you most want to be whether this is your own home, care home or in the hospice.

During 2018 the following services were provided for patients in North Northamptonshire.

  • Our Hospice at Home nurses made 1,228 home visits, helping to care for 245 patients in their own homes.
  • Our Clinical Nurse Specialists made 2,724 home visits for 498 patients.
  • Our In-Patient Unit cared for almost 200 patients requiring management of difficult symptoms or end of life care.
  • Our Therapy Team provided 1,903 Occupational and Physiotherapy sessions
  • Our team of specialist doctors treated patients aged from 18 years and over with a wide range of conditions. This was for patients in the hospice, community and at Kettering General Hospital.
  • The Lymphoedema Service provided 657 treatments to 71 patients
  • Throughout our services, we provided Emotional and Spiritual care to 1,947 patients.
  • Our Chaplin provided comfort and support to 471 patients.
  • Our bereavement services delivered over 449 support sessions to help families through a very difficult time.
  • Cransley Hospice Trust had to raise £1.4 million to provide our services. As a charity, we rely on our local community to generate income through community fundraising and events, retail operations, donations and legacies.

The service is delivered by Northamptonshire Healthcare Foundation (NHS)Trust. Should you require any further information about the Service Provider please follow this link.

Our latest CQC inspection (January 2017) classed End of Life services across the County as 'Good', with the standard of Care provided at Cransley Hospice being 'Outstanding'.

Cransley Hospice