Writing your way to fundraising success!

If you’re keen to fundraise for Cransley Hospice but are not keen on a physical challenge – why not think outside the box? Earlier this year, we were approached by the lovely James Smedley who let us know that he was raising money for Cransley Hospice by writing a novel! How unique is that?

James was inspired to support Cransley Hospice by his Mum, who used to work at the Hospice and saw first-hand the incredible compassion and support that is provided to patients in need. James realised that after the devastating effects of the pandemic, Cransley Hospice Trust would need additional support to raise the income needed to continue providing this vital service for those in need in our community. And so, he embarked on his creative writing journey!

James, who is a Property Solicitor by day, set himself a target to write at least 500 words of his book each day – in order to complete the novel by February 2022. He explained:

“This may not seem like a lot but I’m particularly prone to writer’s block. Every evening, after a long day in the office, I will sit down and force myself to be creative – in all honesty I think I’d find it easier to run 10k every day!”

James’ book is a psychological thriller about a man who wakes up with a dead body in his flat and is out to try and prove a conspiracy that is framing him for something he didn’t do. But before he can do so, he has to jump through the hoops of the shady figure at the other end of the phone who’s saved him from the law but probably put him in even more danger. It’s gripping stuff!

James has kindly shared the first chapter of his book for everyone to enjoy – http://bit.ly/JamesSmedley

James set up a Facebook Fundraiser to encourage his friends and family to make donations to Cransley Hospice Trust and support him with his efforts. James said;

“Cransley Hospice do vital work in caring and providing palliative care for the most vulnerable people in our communities. They provide a service where people can often be forgotten about and fall through the cracks. These hard-working, dedicated and caring staff give the most needed care at the time where it itself is most needed.”

He then went on to tell those who donated to his fundraiser:

“I sincerely hope that nobody reading this ever has need of a place like Cransley but, if you do, pray that it has every resource it needs.”

We are delighted that James raised a fantastic £165 for the charity through his efforts! We also think that James’ story can be a total inspiration to those supporters who may not be able to (or have any desire to) participate in a traditional fundraising activity, such as a marathon or even a bake sale. Anything can become a fundraiser, and every single penny raised makes a real difference to the care provided for those at the end of their lives in our community.

Thank you James for supporting Cransley Hospice Trust with such an incredible and different fundraiser!