Our vision

Our formal vision that helps us to be clear about what we need to achieve is below.

Cransley Hospice Trust is committed to providing exceptional holistic care to patients living with life-limiting illness in North Northamptonshire.

We will provide specialist palliative care to patients with complex needs, and support patients in their chosen place of care at the end of life where this is the Hospice or the patient’s home.

However, to keep it short and focused for us, we have used some technical language that most people don’t use. So below is another way of saying the above together with some explanation of some of the technical words.

Cransley Hospice Trust is committed to providing outstanding care including physical and mental health and social and spiritual needs. This type of inclusive care that considers all aspects of a person (holistic care) is sometimes labelled hospice care. This care is offered to patients who have an illness that will lead to death and who need our help.

The care that we provided is expert help in the management of symptoms that are difficult to control (complex). When active treatment of a condition is no longer helpful then the care is about supporting the patient to have the best quality of life possible - this is called palliative care. Much of the palliative care provided is by district nurse and GP practices; when the symptoms are difficult to control then we provide support. Sometimes the patient comes into the hospice inpatient unit for a period of time until their symptoms are stable but often care is provided in a patients home (wherever the patient usually lives) by specialist nurses and therapists. See Our Care for more details here.