Our history

The current Cransley Hospice opened on November 1998 on the ground floor of Sunley Court. Until then Dr John Smith had been caring for patients in a ward at St Mary's Hospital in Kettering. The ward was called Cransley (hence our name) and was then a 'care of the elderly' ward. John had managed to 'appropriate' some beds starting from the early 1990s. This was still a service that needed John's drive to keep it going. He managed to negotiate a lease for the current building but recognised that more money was needed and so asked for a fundraiser with a target of £120,000 per year.

Di Patrick was appointed as the fundraiser in July 1999. There was no designated office; she had a desk in a corner of the admin corridor at Cransley Hospice which doubled up as a training room and interview room. Often, Di was not permitted access to the room. There was no computer, no volunteers and no support staff; the telephone did not even phone out!

The fundraising team grew slowly as part of an NHS charity and the amount raised grew to £850,00 by 2013. However, the accommodation was always a problem for the fundraisers.

In 2005 John Smith retired but by then a hospice unit was well established with Specialist Palliative Care consultants.

The first Cransley Hospice Road Race was held in 2001 and has been held annually ever since.

In 2010 the charity shop was opened followed by the coffee shop in 2012. Cransley Hospice Trust (CHT), an independent charity, was created in 2012 and started fundraising shorty afterwards. CHT took over from the NHS charity and the team moved to the new organisation in 2013. A Chief Executive was appointed in 2014 and a Director of Income Generation in 2016 with a target for the following year of £1.3m.

CHT joined Your Hospice Lottery in 2014 and Di Patrick was awarded an MBE.