Tree of Lights 2023

This is Hospice Care - Celebrating 25 years.

"It's the small things that mean the most." - Karen, Matron's Assistant.

When a patient is admitted to Cransley Hospice, we know that this can come with common misconceptions which cause worry and fear. "It's our job to eliminate those fears, especially during an emotionally challenging time. Aside from the clinical support, it's also about adding homely, personal touches."

As we celebrate 25 years of Cransley Hospice, many of our supporters come together for this special occasion to reflect on the memorable moments when their loved ones received hospice care.

Join us on Sunday 10th December at 6.30pm for our Tree of Lights Service at St Mary's Hospital, Kettering, and leave a dedication below.

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"We were lucky to have Cransley Hospice." - Toni

Toni shares her special memories of when her Mum received care at the hospice: "One of the nurses, Becky, also looked after me and my family whilst mum received support. She'd always be there with tea and toast to make sure we were looking after ourselves."

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Toni holding a Cransley Robin decoration, only available in our charity shops.

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Toni's mum with her grandchildren.

"We couldn't believe the difference in Mum within a short amount of time at the hospice. Ben and I got to be her children again, not her carers." - Claire

This year, we wanted to appreciate and focus on some of the smaller things that embody the true spirit of 'Hospice Care', the things that make a big difference to patients and families. It can be the reassuring touch or squeeze of a nurses hand at the right time, or the comforting hug from a volunteer. These seemingly small gestures make a world of a difference. Join our supporters in leaving a dedication and sharing your special memories.


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Siblings, Claire and Ben, remembering their Mum.

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Claire Betts, holding the handmade ceramic heart made by local potter, Louise Crookenden-Johnson for those who donate £35 or more.

Adam, remembering his Dad.

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