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Comfort Pebble


  • Handcrafted earthenware clay “pebble”
  • Hand-painted and glazed
  • Approximately 5cm x 4cm


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Comfort pebble is a gorgeous tactile keepsake for friends and family.

Designed to sit beautifully in the palm of a hand. The underside is unglazed and designed to carry a special message, a memorable fragrance or calming essential oil.

Each pebble is handcrafted by local potter Louise Crookenden-Johnson.  They are shaped and smoothed, brush painted with the blue sky theme and high gloss glazed, a glorious gold lustre is applied to pick out a single star surrounded by tiny dots reminiscent of the night sky.

Each ceramic pebble is between 4.5-6cm long and 2-3 cm high.
The handmade nature of each piece means they vary.
The pebbles are not frost proof so unsuitable for outdoor year round in the UK.