Game for Cransley

LET'S PLAY! Game and raise for Cransley Hospice

Play your part

Good news - getting started is easy:

  1. Sign up and choose Cransley Hospice as the charity you would like to support.
  2. Decide on your gaming challenge, pick a date for your event, and add the information to your Give as You Live fundraising page.
  3. Spread the word! Share your page with your friends and family, and let them know when they can tune-in to your stream.
  4. At your chosen time, start your gaming session and live stream the action! You'll be able to watch the donations roll in as you play.

Let's Play!

Game On

Setting up your Give as you Live Donate fundraising page and linking up your Twitch channel is quick and easy. Follow the steps and you'll be raising vital funds for the charity of your choice in no time. Once you're done, don't forget to check out our blog to download your custom Twitch panels.

Game for Cransley!

Retro Gaming

Dust out your old board games, invite your friends and family and have an evening playing more traditional games. You can raise funds by charging a minimum entry fee, or each player may donate a certain amount during the course of game such as donating an amount each time they 'pass GO' in Monopoly.

Organise a gaming fundraiser today and 'Game and Raise' in support of Cransley Hospice.

For advice on streaming your gaming online, please visit this very handy guide. Our friendly Fundraising Team are also on hand to support you every step of the way - you can telephone 01536 452423 or email

Don’t forget to…

  1. Set a fundraising target and make sure that people know how much you’re hoping to raise to support the Hospice.
  2. Set up your online Give as You Live donation page to keep your fundraising super simple.
  3. Use social media to spread the word and promote your event – we’ll be on hand to assist you!
  4. Tell us your story. It would be lovely to hear about why you have chosen to support Cransley Hospice.
  5. Take lots of pictures and videos during your event of you and your guests in their Cransley Hospice t-shirts, which we will be delighted to share.
  6. Keep your fundraising updated before, during and after the event so you don’t miss out on any donations – and make sure you keep your friends, family and colleague updated regularly to maintain their interest and support.