Successful Masterclasses Boost GP’s End Of Life Knowledge

June 2018

In addition to providing outstanding end of life care to people in the local community, Cransley Hospice Trust is also committed to the education of medical professionals, ensuring that they stay updated on the latest advances in palliative care.

As part of this commitment, Cransley Hospice Trust joined forces with the Cynthia Spencer Hospice Charity to fund a series of ‘End of Life Care Masterclasses’ for GP’s throughout Northamptonshire.

Three classes have been held in total; the 8th November 2017, 14th March 2018 and the 16th May 2018, at various locations throughout the county, allowing the largest number of GP’s to be reached.

You can read the summary of the initial Masterclass in our earlier news update HERE.

Since this initial session, over 280 GP’s throughout our county have been educated in the identification of people coming towards the end of life, planning in advance symptom management and detailing the availability and referral process for end of life care services available throughout Northamptonshire.

Angela Howe, Head of Service Development at Cransley Hospice commented:

“We are really happy with the feedback that has been received by the attendees to the Masterclass sessions. By being given the opportunity to equip our local GP’s with the information and knowledge they need about the services available to their patients, we are arming them with the information required to provide the best possible care to people at the end of life in the local community.”

Following the success of these GP’s Masterclass sessions, the End of Life Practice Development team hope to hold further sessions later this year for Practice Nurses, which will again be supported by funding from Cransley Hospice Trust and the Cynthia Spencer Hospice Charity.