Meet our Volunteer Coordinator!

Meet Ros, our Volunteer Coordinator here at Cransley Hospice Trust. Hear how she makes a difference within her role.

💚 What is your role here at Cransley Hospice Trust?

My name is Ros, and I am Vice-Chair of the Board of Trustees and Volunteer Co-Ordinator, coordinating all the wonderful volunteers and organising recruitment and training.

💚If you had to describe yourself in 3 words, what would they be?

Hard-working, enthusiastic and fun!

💚 Why did you want to volunteer for Cransley Hospice?

My husband sadly passed away in a hospice in Luton, and because of our families experience, I am a strong believer in the hospice movement as a means of providing end-of-life care. After lockdown, I was very motivated and I wanted to make a contribution, so I contacted Cransley Hospice Trust, as they are my local hospice and I had heard great things within the community.

💚 What motivates you?

Initially my motivation was to give something back to the community and to make a difference. Since joining, I have found that I love the structure and discipline of being at work and spending time with others, working to a common objective and goal. I feel like a valued part of the team and know that what we do is making a positive impact.

💚 What is your favourite thing about volunteering?

Without a doubt it is the opportunity to work with others and the camaraderie of the team. I live on my own and I look forward to sharing ideas, time, and humour with others. Everyone works hard but we manage to have a bit of fun too, which is lovely.

💚 What piece of advice would you give someone considering volunteering for CHT?

Give it a go! Be open to what you can do and be prepared to try new things. Most of us have more transferrable skills than we realise, and we can bring them to our voluntary work. I am regularly amazed at the range and quality of skills that our volunteers have and how often they underestimate their own ability.

💚 How can others get involved, or find out more?

You can contact me on

You can also call the fundraising office on 03000 274040 and express your interest in volunteering. If you leave your details, I or one of my colleagues will get back to you, to discuss how you can help. There is something for everyone!