Marie’s Marathon in memory of her beloved Dad

Marie Eccles will be trekking a marathon 112 laps around the block where she lives in memory of her beloved Dad who passed away in the hospice.

Marie Eccles, is taking on a footrace challenge, walking the distance of a marathon, 112 laps of the block where she lives in Kettering, on July 4th to raise money for Cransley Hospice, in memory of her beloved Dad who passed away in the hospice.

Inspired by the American Self-Transcendence 3100 mile, the world’s longest certified footrace which takes place in New York where runners negotiate 5,649 laps of the block in Queens, Marie will never be further than 200 meters from her front door as she strides her 112 laps.

Marie’s Dad, Hornsby Thompson (known as Harry) passed away on the 7th July 2014 after six weeks in the hospice.  Marie said: “The place was fantastic, they were so good to our family, if he’d had a rough day the nurses were waiting with a hug to help us feel better – I guess they can’t do that now with COVID?”

“It was two o’clock in the morning when my Dad died.  All of us were there – seven children, partners, nephews and nieces, no one minded, everyone treated us with dignity.  We were even allowed to bring the dog in to see my Dad!”

“They let my two older sisters stay in the room with him – they even put up a little bed beside his.”

Marie has never taken on a challenge like this before and just 2 years ago Marie spent 6 months in a cast after shattering her leg in an accident. She said, “The walk should take me around 9 hours, but it’s going to help me get back to get stronger and it’ll be worth it for what they did for my Dad.”

Marie is hoping that some of her family will join her for short stretches throughout the day and Cransley Hospice Community Fundraising Manager, Louise Preedy will be joining her in the final stages.  Louise said “I’m really looking forward to joining Marie for the final laps and I am sure they will be quite emotional. We haven’t been able to hold our usual fundraising events and activities this year and although we have adapted some events the amount of money raised will be dramatically down for the year. It’s with the fundraising support of people like Marie that we can reduce the impact the pandemic has had on fundraising for the hospice and ultimately be able to continue to provide the excellent specialist care needed by our patients both at home and in the hospice.”

Taking on a physical challenge can benefit us in so many ways, physically and mentally.  Just getting out and about in the fresh air and getting moving will help us to feel better.

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