Ready, Steady, Plant!

Donna Rockett is hosting a Sunflower competition in memory of her beloved Dad, Neil. "Dad was a gardener and loved his flowers so let's plant and grow as much colour as we can this year."

In memory of her dad, Donna Rockett is hosting a Sunflower competition to help raise money for local Hospice’s, including Cransley. Donna and her family are local to Kettering and hope to get as many people involved as possible.

  •  Make a donation of £5 to Cransley Hospice Trust (Make sure you have a screen shot or email as proof to use later)
  •  Purchase your Sunflower seeds and start growing!
  • Send an image of your Sunflower with the height and head diameter measurements and proof of donation to:
  •  If you use Amazon, you can set up a Wishlist and include this link in your email when you submit your entry.

“We will pick smaller random gardening/wildlife Wishlist items from entries and something for the winner of the tallest sunflower, biggest head and most heads on one flower.”

Good luck!