Helen’s story

''She was vivacious, and she loved company, and to entertain. Helen spent her last week in Cransley hospice. I cannot thank the staff enough.''

Image: Left – Cora / Right – Helen

Cora has been a very warm supporter to Cransley Hospice and actively engages with us on our social media platforms. Recently we reached out to her to find out more about her beloved Helen.

‘Helen and I met in London, through mutual friends. We were friends for five years before we started dating. I adored her.

She was vivacious, and she loved company, and to entertain. All our friends always used to tell me that she left a lasting impression. She was kind and caring, a very special human being, and she was beautiful.

We moved to Lancashire together for a year, but were unable to find work, so we decided to move to the Kettering. We had our civil partnership in 2008 and we were together for 28 wonderful years.

Returning from a vacation in the U.S, Helen felt a pain in her stomach. She was referred to a gynaecologist in Northampton, and they insisted it was a benign, following an MRI and CT scan. Helen went for surgery at the Woodlands hospital in Kettering, where they removed the lump.

Usually it is around 6 weeks post op when the doctor books in a check-up, but we had received a call after just 4 weeks. Helen and I both looked at each other and had a horrible feeling. The doctor called Helen in, apologised, and confirmed that it was ovarian cancer.

Helen had six rounds of chemotherapy, and shortly after, her kidney had started to swell. I rushed her to Northampton hospital at 3am, on boxing day, 2013. She stayed in hospital for many weeks and didn’t seem to get any better. I spent most of my time there, looking after her. We were both very stressed out at the time, and I knew I needed to get her out of that environment. I told my friends, I just had to get her out. Which is when I approached Cransley Hospice.

The hospice was very supportive and brought Helen in as soon as they could.

Helen spent her last week in Cransley hospice. I cannot thank the hospice enough. They gave Helen and I peace of mind, which we needed. I told the staff that Helen needed some control back in her life, to make her feel more comfortable. Nothing was too much trouble. Whatever Helen needed, there were no questions asked, they were more than happy to do what they could.

Helen passed away, peacefully, on 16th February 2014.

I was lucky she chose to have me share her life, she was my light, my joy and the love of my life.”