Dying Matters Awareness Week 6th-12th May

Cransley Hospice Trust are supporting Dying Matters Awareness Week from the 6th – 12th May and sharing information from Hospice UK about how the conversations around death and dying can affect people’s end of life experiences.

Honest, timely conversations about death and dying are essential to good end of life care.  All too often a lack of confidence, or taboos around discussing death, confusion about who should be having these conversations mean that patients, carers and families don’t always understand what is happening, and are unable to access all the information and support they need at the time.

Hospice UK recently asked 1,000 bereaved people in the UK a set of questions to explore how they felt about the language that was used when their loved one was dying and how this affected them.

You can answer the same questions (Link to quiz)  and see how your own perceptions of language used about death and dying compare to theirs.

Once you have taken the quiz you’ll get some useful tips and advice on how to have difficult conversations from Dying Matters Awareness Week expert, Dr Lucy Pain, of North London Hospice.

Ros Doherty; Vice Chair of the board of trustees at Cransley Hospice Trust recently spoke about the sudden death of her husband Vince on a podcast and how she began to rebuild her life, bereavement and how we talk about death and dying.  Living with Dying Podcast