Cransley Hospice Funds GP Training to Improve End of Life Care

February 2018

Cransley Hospice Trust and Cynthia Spencer Hospice Charity have jointly funded the first End of Life Masterclass which was held on 8th November 2017.

The broad aim of this End of Life Care Masterclass was to develop the knowledge and skills of GPs regarding the identification of people coming towards the end of life, care planning in advance, symptom management and end of life services that are available for patients and their families.

The training was provided by Consultants in Palliative Care Medicine as well as the End of Life Practice Development Team

The masterclass aimed to create more awareness of end of life care and share best practice amongst GPs. The feedback from the 112 participants has been very positive and the workshops attracted lively discussions. Many participants have already identified ways in which this training will influence their future practice.

It is planned that another three masterclasses will be funded by the two hospice charities This will enable the training to be provided to all GPs and Practice Nurses working across Northamptonshire.

Angela Howe, Cransley Hospice’s Head of Service Development, said:

“Education is hugely important in helping healthcare professionals to identify when patients are coming toward the end of life. Patients are then able to consider choices that they otherwise may not have been aware of or involved in”

Cransley Hospice also provides ongoing education for hospice staff. A dedicated practice development nurse coordinates training on topics such as pharmacology, communication skills training and the delivery of care that is individualised for to a patient’s needs.