Caroline’s Story

"When mum went into Cransley, we knew she was in the best hands. It allowed us to be a family again and not just carers."

On 21st May 2009, Caroline New, beloved mother of six passed away peacefully at home, surrounded by all of her loved ones. Arthur, Caroline’s son recently took park in the Cransley Hospice Trust Road Race. You couldn’t help but notice the photographs stapled to his vest whilst he ran in memory of his mum.

Caroline was born in  London, Nunhead. It was always a dream of hers to have a big family, like Arthurs father who is one of nine! …Six children later, Caroline had the family she always wished for. She was mostly a stay at home mum but always active in the community. The house was always full, not just with her large family but all her friends. When the need arose, she went to work to ensure her children had everything they ever wanted and needed. An example included going to work at Morrisons on the check outs, so Arthur could go on a language exchange trip to China.

A fond memory Arthur has, was listening to his mother at the bottom of the stairs as she gossiped. Caroline loved to talk and to her girlfriends, she was a great source of entertainment, but to everyone. “She was the glue that held us all together.”

Arthur told us “My mum was so outgoing and confident, never afraid to play the fool to benefit others. One time she came to a school disco dressed as Santa Claus and danced with the younger children.’ At the time like any young boy he was embarrassed, but now looking back he realises what an amazing thing it was to do for the other children, what a special memory it must’ve been for them.

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