A holistic approach to wellbeing

This week is World Wellbeing week and at Cransley Hospice we recognise the importance of a holistic approach to wellbeing and it seems more poignant than ever now with the challenges we are facing due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Our thoughts and support are with anyone struggling and to all those affected at Wicksteed Park who find themselves facing challenges inflicted upon them because of the restrictions and the pandemic.

Wicksteed is not just a theme park but has been a lifeline and haven for so many in and around Kettering. Over the years many people and charities have used the park to help fundraise or to find sanctuary in their grief. Until weather and lockdown prevented it, the Saturday morning park run brought runners, joggers, walkers of all ages and abilities together, whatever the weather to pound paths of the beautiful park. Every park runner will leave feeling uplifted and better for the early morning exercise, the fresh air and green space flushing away stresses and strains.

During lockdown, it has proved a blessing for many who were able to continue to exercise in the park.


Jenine Rees, Marketing Manager at Cransley Hospice said “exercising in the park had a hugely positive effect on my overall mental and physical health. There is nothing like a good walk or run to help clear your mind from worries and anxiety. At the hospice, we are very aware of the benefits of nature on the overall wellbeing of our patients and the benefits to those who are grieving.”

The pandemic will continue to impact our local communities, people, organisations and businesses but having access to spaces like Wicksteed Park to walk, run or sit in will help to ease the burdens that it brings. We sincerely hope that Wicksteed comes through this time, not just because of its history and nostalgia but also because of the nature reserve within it that offers so many peace of mind, body and soul.

Cransley Hospice provides outstanding care to patients with life-limiting illnesses when a cure is no longer possible, considering the physical, mental, social and spiritual needs of patients. Cransley staff are trained to be sensitive and compassionate listeners and offer confidential, non- judgemental support regardless of denomination, culture or ethnicity and the Outstanding Charity Quality Care Commission Chaplaincy is on hand to help when it’s easier to talk to someone not directly involved.