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Looking Back

In 1992, Dr. John Smith, Consultant in Palliative Medicine, started to admit terminally ill patients to Cransley Ward in St. Mary's Hospital. This was previously a ward for the elderly and despite improvements, was never going to be a suitable environment in which to provide palliative care to the clinical standards to which the Palliative Care Team aspire. However by 1995 it was acknowledged that Cransley Ward had developed into an 8 bedded hospice ward for all ages and was recognised as such by the Trust.

An opportunity to re-provide the existing ward presented itself when the provision of continuing care was transferred to the organisation called 'Extra care'. The new facility was built on the St. Mary's site, Sunley Court. One wing is now leased and run as NHS facility as Cransley Hospice. The Hospice currently serves the area of north Northants with a population in excess of 250,000.