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Support Us For Free

There are lots of ways to support Cransley Hospice for free:

• Nominate us as Charity of the Year in your work place
• Promote our seasonal goods in your work place or hold a 'Wear Yellow Day'
• Place a collecting tub in your work place or local Shop/ Pub
• Ask friends and family to make a donation to us in lieu of gifts on special occasions
• Give your time - join the Cransley Hospice Support Group

Hold a Donate Don't Dump Day

On a date you decide you will be able to bring all your unwanted clothes to your work place or school at the beginning of the day and a designated vehicle will take them away. Contact the Fundraising office on 01536 452423 for more information.

Giveacar for Cransley Hospice Trust:

Did you know that you can donate to us by getting rid of your old or unused cars? Giveacar will collect your car for FREE, scrap or auction the vehicle, and the money raised is sent to Cransley simply call 0207 7364242 or check out to arrange your free collection. We take cars of any age or value and collect from anywhere in the UK!”


Help support Cransley Hospice and the environment.
We can turn your unwanted items into money for Cransley Hospice


Any of the above would be gratefully received and turned into cash by Cransley Hospice Please contact the fundraising office on 01536 452423

Clothing, Handbags, Shoes, - Donate to our Shop.

Market Harborough Building Society

Opening a MHBS Cransley Hospice Savings Account will help Cransley Hospice because 0.5% of the average balance in the account will be donated to the hospice every year. This donation will be made by the Society, so it will NOT reduce the balance on your account or the amount of interest you are paid.

£5,830.88 has been raised in interest alone from these accounts over the last year.

If you would like more details about how to open an account either visit or alternatively contact the fundraising office on 01536 452423 and ask for a leaflet

Honour us with a Gift in your Will

A Gift in your will can make a real difference to the very special care provided to patients and their loved ones. If or when the time is right for you to include a charity in your will, please remember your local Hospice. If you would like more information contact:

Cransley Hospice Trust

St Mary’s Hospital, Kettering. NN15 7PW

Fundraising Office : 01536 452423

Registered Charity No: 1151018

Or see your Solicitor