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Palliative Care Nurse Specialists

at Cransley Hospice

The Palliative Care Nurse Specialist Team (also know as Clinical Nurse Specialists) based at Cransley Hospice are registered nurses with specialist knowledge, experience and qualifications in Cancer and Palliative Care. They provide advice and resources to patients together with education and advice to other health care professionals. The principles and practices of palliative care are not the exclusive concern of the specialist palliative care services and the team works collaboratively with the GPs, District Nurses and other health and social care professionals involved in the care of patients to ensure their needs are met. Not all patients with a life threatening illness require intervention from the specialist team. They are only involved when needs are complex. Different levels of support are offered which include telephone advice, one off assessments, clinics and on-going management. Once assessment has been made the nurse may refer the patient to other relevant services based at the hospice.

The Primary Healthcare Team will remain the primary point of contact for patients and the Palliative Care Specialist Nurses offer support to help the patient and family in addition to this. Please discuss referral to the service with your GP or health care professional that is involved in your care.

Palliative Care Specialist Nurses are trained to help people with cancer and other illnesses, their carers and families. They provide Information about cancer treatments and side effects including
• an opportunity to discuss problems, feelings and future plans
• advice on pain and symptom control
• advice to other members of the team, for example district nurses, Hospice at Home nurses and GP’s

In the community:
Community nurses play a vital role in helping people with cancer to stay at home with their families. They work with community health and social professionals to make sure people get the best possible physical and emotional care at every stage of their illness.

Qualified and Experienced:
All Palliative Care Specialist nurses are registered nurses with at least five years experience, including two or more years in cancer and palliative care (care which focuses on pain and symptom control) They also complete specialist courses in subjects such as managing pain and other symptoms, and psychological support.

The team usually work normal office hours. Currently the service operates Monday to Friday 9am – 4pm.

Are this specialist team available for people with a non-cancer diagnosis?
We focus mainly on people affected by cancer, but we are increasingly sharing experience and working with colleagues caring for people with other conditions and do provide some support for non-cancer patients.